Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

We believe no one diet is perfect for everyone, and want to help you ease into a plan that’s right for you. Instead of concentrating on the unhealthful foods you want to eliminate, we focus on adding delicious new staple foods and superfoods to your diet. We emphasize nutrient dense, high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory foods. Whether you want to move toward a plant-based diet, or simply add more colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate, you’re in the right place.

Our clients have found that choosing fun and flavorful whole foods and decreasing processed foods sped up their recovery from injuries and gave them more energy. If you love to cook, we can help you find healthier recipes. If you order takeout daily, we’ll help you find the healthiest restaurants to order from. If you shop for groceries, we’re happy to help you decode the Nutrion Facts labels. And of course, we’re here to cheer you on as you work to improve your nutrition! However, keep in mind that we are personal trainers and nutritionists, not dieticians. If you have specific medical questions about nutrition, we are happy to refer you to a registered dietician.

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How new clients get started:

  1. Email us to schedule a consultation
  2. Fill out health history and questionnaire (online or on paper)
  3. Get to know us with a complimentary phone consultation (30 min to 1 hour)
  4. Enjoy an in-person introductory session ($50)
  5. Sign up with us or allow us to refer you to someone else
  6. Fitness assessment at your home/the gym of your choice
  7. Ongoing sessions
  8. Periodic reevaluations

Packages including nutrition

Pre/Post-Rehab Fitness Packages

Fitness and Weight Loss Packages

General Fitness Packages

A la carte options

Get started by emailing us about 1-on-1 nutrition coaching. Or call us at (914) 563-3026.

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