Personal Training Testimonials

Lisa is a very competent, patient and encouraging trainer who keeps aware of the latest developments in training. I heartily recommend her.
- Larry Friedland, attorney with Olshan Law and Friedland Properties

Helpful & Professional
I found Personal Trainer Lisa Snow to be very professional, who was able to work around my “infirmities” and gave me some good, helpful routines.
- Jessica Marlow

I met Lisa when she was at Asphalt Green, and she was the only one of the trainers there who actually offered help to members when they were using the machines wrong. When she saw me sitting on a bench with my back curled instead of straight, and said that she could help me with my posture, I jumped at the chance. Initially, I didn’t think I could afford weekly sessions, but the improvements she was helping me to make in my posture proved to be so important to me physically as well as emotionally, that the weekly sessions have become a must and something I budget for. Lisa has changed my life. She’s so knowledgeable on so many topics. I can stand up straighter than I ever could as a kid, and I have great balance, thanks to the exercises we do. Lisa doesn’t just show you how to do something; she explains why it’s important, how it benefits your body, and then demonstrates the correct, as well as the incorrect way to do something. With Lisa you gain real confidence in what your body can do, and you also gain a steadfast friend who will be on the lookout for articles or books that in areas in which you’ve expressed an interest. In one word, Lisa is TERRIFIC!
- Kempy Minifie, author and food editor

Excellent Trainer - Personalized Training
Lisa is a dedicated, committed and well schooled trainer. She easily adapts her sessions to ones personal needs and abilities, always caring that the trainee gets the most from the session. She also is most engaging, entertaining and empathic as she helps whip you into shape.
- Michael Portney, film/television screenwriter and local business owner

Lisa Rocks!
I fractured my ankle [several weeks prior to starting workouts] and needed someone who was knowledgeable about exercising after a fracture and Lisa took wonderful care of me. She adjusted the workouts to my level and was always asking me if I was in pain. Thanks Lisa!!!
- Rosie Castillo

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