Healthy Kitchen Tools


The Omega masticating juicer is extremely durable, and will juice all your favorite fruits and vegetables from carrots and celery to oranges and grapefruit. Masticating juicers run slightly slower than centrifugal jucers, but they make juice that stays fresh longer and retains more of the enzymes and other nutrients. I’ve had my Omega masticating juicer for many years, and know that the company really stands behind their products with great customer service. Although I’ve never owned a Champion, they also have an excellent reputation and have similar features to the Omega.

If all you plan to do with your juicer is make orange juice (with the occasional glass of lemonade), getting an Omega is overkill. You’d be better off with the Citristar. It’s less expensive, runs quickly, and is extremely easy to clean.

Vita-Mix Blenders

The Vita-Mix blender is a phenomenally versative kitchen tool and a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. For years, I saw the ads for the Vita Mix in various nutrition and health magazines, but didn’t buy one. I figured that there is no way one machine could have all those different functions (or at least couldn’t do them well). Besides, I already had a high quality juicer and a blender, so why would I need a Vita Mix? However, one day a friend told me she had one, and how much she loved hers. I finally got my own, and have been using it daily for years. The power of the motor, and the perfect creamy texture of the finished products will amaze you. I especially enjoy using it for smoothies, protein shakes, raw nut butters, and grinding fresh gluten-free grain and nut flours.

The least expensive (but still awesome) option is the Reconditioned.

The best Vita-Mix for most people is the 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle. This model comes with the dry grains canister as well as the the blender for liquids.

If you have a low countertop, the Professional Series 750 is your best bet. This top-of-the-line blender will do everything you want and more.

Be sure to use my affiliate code number (by phone or online) to get complimentary shipping on your Vita-Mix blender! 06-008109

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