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If you are working out at home, Functional Training equipment has many advantages over treadmills, ellipticals, or weight machines:

Click the photos below to read more about each piece of equipment you may want to add to your collection.

    Top 12 Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment

  1. Mini-Bands

  2. JC Travel Bands

  3. BodyBlade

  4. Jump Rope and Timer
    Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope:

    Lifeline Power Jump Rope:

    GymBoss Timer:

  5. Med ball

  6. Foam roller (black)

  7. TRX
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    TRX Pro Pack:
    TRX Door Anchor:

  8. BOSU ball Pro

  9. Gliding Discs

  10. The Stick

  11. Neoprene Dumbbells

  12. Gray Cook Band

Other Fitness Gear

Grips: The NewGrip online store

Pullup Revolution:

Power Wheel:

JC Predator:


Posture Ball (blue foam roller ball):

Spikey Ball:

Airex Balance Pad:

Airex Balance Beam:


Indian Clubs:

Battling Ropes:

Agility Dots:

Reaction Ball:

10 lb Ankle Wts:

5 lb Ankle Wts:

Agility Rings:

Stretch-out strap (green):

Banana Steps:

Adjustable Slant Board:

20" Wobble Board:

Power Ball:

Tools for Trainers

Core FMS Test Kit:

Gymboss timer:

JC All Purpose Band:

The Trainer:

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