ReBOOT Your Health - Unlimited Fitness Boot Camp in Central Park -
EFT Personal Training LLC

Stay tuned for the new schedule in spring 2014!

Class Descriptions

Jump Ropes and Bands (beginner - intermediate)
Upper & lower body strength with bands/tubing, plus cardio intervals using the jump rope. All levels of tubing will be available. Burn fat, sculpt your muscles, and improve your flexibility.

Med Ball Mania (beginner - intermediate)
Chisel your arms, legs, and abs with the medicine ball in all three planes of motion. Increase your strength, balance, and coordination with fun, multi-joint movements.

Forty Is the New Twenty (all levels, AGE 40+ ONLY)
Sick of those twenty-somethings at your local gym? Melt away fat and firm your arms, legs, and abs in this no-equipment class. You’re welcome in all our other classes, too, but this class is just for you.

Canít do a single pushup from your feet, but wish you could? Never exercised outdoors other than walking or light jogging? This class is for you! Little to no equipment in this class.

Card Shark (beginner - intermediate)
Body-weight strength training for arms, legs, and core, plus fat-burning cardio drills. Each class will feature one or more games using the Fit Deck playing cards! They look like a poker deck, but each card has a picture of an exercise.

BodyBlade Circuit (beginner - intermediate)
Fun, high energy strength and cardio circuit. At least one station in each circuit will use the BodyBlade to help you get strong without bulking up!

Ladder Time (beginner - intermediate)
A full body workout to get you ready for summer. Amp up your cardio on the agility ladder.